Freedom Bicycles

About Us

Welcome to Freedom Bicycles! My husband, Gary, and I are so blessed to be starting this new journey. After his successful career in IT and mine in sales and as a small business owner, we decided to call it quits. After 6 months of “retirement” we got restless and wanted something more. It sounds qliche but we wanted to give back. That’s when Freedom Bicycles was born!

Riding a bike is one of the most grown-up things a kid can do as they learn to navigate on their own.

My husband has a passion for bicycle riding. The word “Freedom” in the name came from how he describes his younger years in Chicago riding his bike through the neighborhood. With the wind at his back, a baseball mitt on the handlebars, and not a care in the world. We wish all kids could feel that! Unfortunately, not all families have the means to buy bikes for their kids. That’s where we come in. I solicit for donations, Gary picks up the bikes and repairs and refurbishes them, and we both get the joy of giving them to under-privileged children to experience that sense of freedom.

Please join us in making this happen through your bike and cash donations. Thank you.

Mary Ann and Gary Spoto